AOM – Individual Project #5

Okay, so after four weeks at home, I’ve finally almost finished my individual project made up of 6-7 Storify projects. I had so much fun making them and reading them that I definitely think I’m going to keep on using the site. Curating social media to make a story is such a good idea, and one that I think can be very useful.

I’ll admit I didn’t do as much research as I probably should have but there was a reason for this. There didn’t seem to be many ‘professional’ Storify’s out there that I could base mine on. A lot of them looked very amateur and although that is kinda the point of Storify, I thought some users didn’t have any finesse when it came to bringing stories together.

The Guardians Storify was quite good, and I particularly liked the one they posted last week on the Tottenham Court Road bomb scare. This brought together photographs people had tweeted, interviews people has conducted and tweets that informed me as to what was happening. With me not being in London at the time, I found this very informative – more informative than reading a plain Jane article from the BBC.

One thing I wanted to avoid on Storify was what Metro UK did when they released their Storify on the new Dark Knight trailer. Simply titled, The Dark Knight Rises Twitter buzz, the Storify just dumped a handful of tweets together from people that had commented on the trailers release. I didn’t feel that by doing this Metro UK achieved anything. I could go into Twitter and search ‘Dark Knight trailer’ and bring up more results than that. The Storify had nothing interesting about it, whereas with most of mine, I tried to incorporate pictures, videos where it was necessary or my own writing to give each story some backbone.

So I have done six Storify’s in total. The first one I made was on Sport Relief when I was getting to grips with Storify’s features. The second was focussed on the Sonisphere Festival cancellation which shocked the music industry and festival goers all over the UK. After this, I did a shorter project called ‘Can you see the stars?’ based on an article that not many people in the world can see the stars due to light pollution. When Pottermore got released a few weeks ago, Harry Potter fans all over the world rejoiced so I did a Storify on this pretty much straight away as Pottermore was taking over my own Twitter feed. The response to Pottermore was massive. The other small Storify I did was on the Man City v Wolves match a couple of weeks ago which left Wolves relegated to the Championship. Lots of football fans were tweeting and commenting about this so I thought it would be a good opportunity to write about something I don’t usually do. The most recent project I have created was on the new Disney Marvel film, Avengers Assemble which has been a long time coming. The press and public were very excited about this release, so on my Storify I discussed the run-up to the release.

So that’s all I’ve got for now! I might create another Storify when the winner of the London Mayor elections are announced.


AOM – Individual Project #3

So, it’s been decided that instead of covering one big story and creating a Storify project of it, I will be doing a number of storify’s on different stories. This means that I’m going to be making quite a few, some longer than others.

So far I’ve made three storify’s for my project: one on Sonisphere’s cancellation, one on Sport Relief and one on light pollution.

I’m aiming to make approximately another three or four projects. I must admit, I am finding them quite interesting. I really like searching through all of the social media streams.

AOM – Individual Project #2

So, I’ve started practicing a little bit more on Storify, trying to get the hang of all the different buttons and options on it, as well as learning how to filter the good social updates from the bad ones. I’m actually finding it more difficult than I thought! Trying to tailor my searches so that I only get tweets or updates relating to a certain part of a story is quite challenging… If I search anything too detailed, nothing is brought up, but if I just type in a single word or common phrase, I get hundreds.

I’m awaiting confirmation off my lecturer as to what I should do for my individual project. Originally, I wanted to do one Storify project that would be quite long and detailed, however, after looking at some of them on the site and trying to create some for myself, I’ve found that the shorter ones that include detailed ‘article style’ writing and tweets that are relevant to this (rather than random ones that don’t influence the story at all), seem to be better. If this is the case, I feel that I should focus on 3-4 stories, updating them over the month I have left before the hand-in date if anything new surfaces, rather than placing all my attention on one story. I think if I wait for a ‘big story’ or event that I would be constantly waiting around for something to break. What if I’m not able to sit down and publish a story when something exciting happens? Not only am I relying on something happening, but I’m relying that I’m in the house with my mac when it does!

Hopefully once I get confirmation, I’ll be able to crack on. I’m quite pleased with the Story I just made on the Sonisphere cancellation. Go check it out if you have five minutes!

AOM – Individual Project #1

For the second part of my AOM module this year, I need to create an indvidual project. The brief for this is so wide though that I have really struggled in nailing down a specific idea and even though I have now decided on a specific platform for my project, the idea itself is still a bit vague.

We could have created anything on this project from an audio slideshow, set of podcasts, or we could have quite simply created a blog project, however, I felt that I needed to do something different. I always try and focus my work around blogs and things that I’m familiar with, but this project is different. I’ve decided to delve into the world of Storify.

Storify is a site where you can ‘create social stories’. In doing this, you can search for a subject matter, topic or person on their ‘storypad’ and compile tweets from anyone around the world, Facebook updates from anyone, and even updates on sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Instagram.

Although I don’t have a definitive story that I am going to Storify yet, I have decided to have a play about on the site. Over this weekend and the beginning of next week I will be tracking the updates that relate to Sport Relief as it is taking place this weekend. I will try to include updates from ‘normal’ people, as well as the celebrities that are getting involved to help raise money for comic relief.

Wish me luck!

AOM 2012 #4 – Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon is a restaurant where you can look at reviews and different restaurants in the city or area of your choice. They feature a ‘Talk of the Town’ section when you first open the webpage. As well as this feature, Urbanspoon categorises its restaurants as to their price range, helping users to determine whether they want to go there.

Regardless of how helpful Urbanspoon is, I find the website to be very busy with links all over. This doesn’t make the site very user-friendly and although there are a lot of reviews available from many different users and critics, their could be an argument that this lowers the quality of the writing because of the mass amount of user generated content on the site. This has made me think about the amount of user generated content that would end up on the Facebook app for Toptable in my own application and I think this could be a problem.

Because of this, I think that a star-rating should be employed on my application so that, regardless of the reviewers ability to write, the best restaurants will be viewable from the amount of stars it has been given.