Evaluation: Audio Project

I felt totally different about the audio side of the multimedia journalism project compared to the video and on the whole, it didn’t go as well.

For this part of the project we had to do a three minute podcast and a two minute interview using either our Zoom recorder (which looked hilarious), or the radio studios. Once I’d had a think about ideas I thought I could use my friends band to do a ‘New Music Podcast’ and get them into the studio for an interview and general talk about their band. For the interview, after watching something on the news about the unemployment rate, I decided to interview my Dad as he had spent time unemployed recently after losing his job and being made redundant.

I did the interview with my Dad on my Zoom, and the sound quality was a lot better than I thought it would be. I edited it all together on Audacity which I really didn’t like. I tried to use GarageBand instead, but found that too complicated, so stuck with Audacity in the end. Editing my interview together wasn’t a problem. It wasn’t until I begun my Podcast that I ran into some problems. I recorded my friend in the audio booth, and rung her sister who is also in the band, and interviewed them both. When I sat down to edit these though, due to their only being one mic working in the audio booth, my questions weren’t loud enough, meaning I had to record those again on the Zoom. When I begun to edit these all toegther though, the two different recordings were in the wrong format, and my recording from the audio booth was in some way corrupt and the sound quality was terrible, which meant I had to organise to recored the girls again. We organised it so that my friends sister came to university one day so that I could interview them face to face.

I don’t really like my finished podcast. I feel as though it sounds rushed because it was, and it was a lot of trouble for just those three minutes of audio. If I could change anything about my project I would have swapped the two audio pieces around, so I would’ve done a podcast about unemployment and about how people can get advice if they find themselves in that situation, and do an interview with my friend about her band and how she juggles her university work with gigging all over the country.

This is my finished project.