Reflective Analysis

I’ve loved exploring the world of multimedia journalism over the course of this semester. I feel as though my eyes have been opened to the vast amount of creativity and imagination that can be applied online nowadays in the form of blogs, multimedia websites and many other pages on the internet.

As I’ve always been a blogger myself and I liked that a lot of the module focussed around that, allowing me to put my creative stamp on the work I was handing in, enabling me to write freely about certain topics. When looking through other ‘more famous’ blogs, I had a look at a lot of different topics but I found commercial blogs like Dooce and Go Fug Yourself interesting.

With regards to Multimedia Websites, this section of the module really fascinated me. That features like One in 8 Million are achievable online, to me, is still amazing. Even though the layout and the concept is quite simple, the technology behind it is more complicated. I loved that feature and did a little review of it. I’ve showed many members of my family and some of my friends too by sharing the site over email.

The amount of opportunity in the world of online journalism is vast for any budding journalist, and learning about all the different aspects, and the ways in which you can leave your virtual footprint online has really excited me. In a world were people keep telling me journalists are dying and I’m never going to get a job, multimedia journalism has made me realise that journalism is not dead, but is merely shifting to a vaster platform were more innovative ideas can be achieved.



Evaluation: Video Project

I was really excited about the video project when I found out about it. I worked with video quite a bit during my A Levels so I was looking forward to learning new tricks and using different equipment.

For the video project we could literally do what we wanted, as long as it was interesting and engaging to whoever was watching it. We could do a newsy video with voxpops and interviews, or we could do a mini documentary. I chose the latter. After watching a few videos in class, one that really stuck out to me was ‘The Satorialist‘, a video about a New York fashion blogger. I begun talking to a few of my friends on camera after watching this video ann then decided to focus on my friend Lauren for my documentary. She had a lot going on in her life at the time I was filming, which meant I could quite easily slot myself into her schedule to go and film her in different places, doing different things.

Once I had all my footage, the editing process came, which I really struggled with. After working for almost five hours one night, when I returned the next day my project wouldn’t open on Final Cut, meaning I had to start again from scratch which really irritated me, but I learnt my lesson. When all my editing for my documentary was finished, I decided to make a Video Diary which was just an on screen evaluation of what I did and how I did it.

Working with video was really good, and I loved learning how to use all of the new software. I think my video package as a whole really succeeded. If I could change anything about it, I would interview Lauren in a more scenic place other than her bedroom, but at the time I thought her own personal space would look good as the background to the video. Apart from that, I really like my video overall and think it all works together really well.

This is my finished project.

Multimedia Journalism

So after much deliberation and contemplation over a theme, I’ve decided to base the video section of my multimedia journalism project on Passions.

I wanted to create a video that was closely related to The Satorialist, a video about the creator of a blog, documenting fashion on the streets of New York. I found this mini documentary really intertesting, therefore I have decided to focus on this theme.

I will be using one of my friends, Lauren Wilson, to create this documentary, and in this she will talk about her serious, overwhelming passion for music, and why living in London is helping her to fulfil her dreams. I’m going to finish this project off with a little video diary of myself, talking about what I’ve found out from making my video.