AOM – Individual Project #4

My fourth storify has now been made! I chose to do it on the recent launch to the public of Pottermore, the website designed by JK Rowling to give something back to Harry Potter fans.

The site has been live for almost three days now, and has had mixed reviews, some users being terribly excited by the exclusive content that JK Rowling has written, whereas others are skeptical about whether the website is any good at all.

Users are able to sign up to the website and take part in Harry Potter experiences like receving a wand and being sorted into houses.

As only the first book is able to be ‘played’ at the moment, I may create another Storify on the response of the Chamber of Secrets book, depending on when it is opened to the public!


AOM – Individual Project #2

So, I’ve started practicing a little bit more on Storify, trying to get the hang of all the different buttons and options on it, as well as learning how to filter the good social updates from the bad ones. I’m actually finding it more difficult than I thought! Trying to tailor my searches so that I only get tweets or updates relating to a certain part of a story is quite challenging… If I search anything too detailed, nothing is brought up, but if I just type in a single word or common phrase, I get hundreds.

I’m awaiting confirmation off my lecturer as to what I should do for my individual project. Originally, I wanted to do one Storify project that would be quite long and detailed, however, after looking at some of them on the site and trying to create some for myself, I’ve found that the shorter ones that include detailed ‘article style’ writing and tweets that are relevant to this (rather than random ones that don’t influence the story at all), seem to be better. If this is the case, I feel that I should focus on 3-4 stories, updating them over the month I have left before the hand-in date if anything new surfaces, rather than placing all my attention on one story. I think if I wait for a ‘big story’ or event that I would be constantly waiting around for something to break. What if I’m not able to sit down and publish a story when something exciting happens? Not only am I relying on something happening, but I’m relying that I’m in the house with my mac when it does!

Hopefully once I get confirmation, I’ll be able to crack on. I’m quite pleased with the Story I just made on the Sonisphere cancellation. Go check it out if you have five minutes!

AOM – Individual Project #1

For the second part of my AOM module this year, I need to create an indvidual project. The brief for this is so wide though that I have really struggled in nailing down a specific idea and even though I have now decided on a specific platform for my project, the idea itself is still a bit vague.

We could have created anything on this project from an audio slideshow, set of podcasts, or we could have quite simply created a blog project, however, I felt that I needed to do something different. I always try and focus my work around blogs and things that I’m familiar with, but this project is different. I’ve decided to delve into the world of Storify.

Storify is a site where you can ‘create social stories’. In doing this, you can search for a subject matter, topic or person on their ‘storypad’ and compile tweets from anyone around the world, Facebook updates from anyone, and even updates on sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Instagram.

Although I don’t have a definitive story that I am going to Storify yet, I have decided to have a play about on the site. Over this weekend and the beginning of next week I will be tracking the updates that relate to Sport Relief as it is taking place this weekend. I will try to include updates from ‘normal’ people, as well as the celebrities that are getting involved to help raise money for comic relief.

Wish me luck!