AOM – Individual Project #6

Just going to link up all my Storify’s on one quick post so it’s easier for them to be accessed! 

  • Sport Relief 2012 – A Storify covering the events during the day of Sport Relief back in March.
  • Can you see the stars? – A Storify about the issue of light pollution around the world that is stopping most people in built up areas to see the stars.
  • Sonisphere Festival cancelled! – A Storify highlighting the shock from festival goers and those in the music industry about one of the most popular UK festivals cancellation this year. 
  • Pottermore – After the Harry Potter online experience was opened to the public in April, I made a Storify documenting some of the best bits of the site and the general response. 
  • Man City v Wolves – The outcome of this match saw Wolves be the first team to be relegated from the Premiership to the Championship. A Storify documenting the highlights of the match and the support from the fans.
  • Avengers Assemble – One of the most highly anticipated films of the year was released a couple of weeks ago and received a great response. I used Storify to tell Marvel’s Avengers story and show just how popular the new film is. 

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